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The Forever Forgiven Team

"If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness."

1 John 1:9

Ted Cresswell Headshot

Ted A. Cresswell
Founder/Executive Director

Ted A. Cresswell, founder of Forever Forgiven Ministries, believed at an early age that God was calling him to work in some type of ministry. Born November 21, 1955 in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, Ted was raised in a Christian home. At the age of 12, Ted gave his heart to Jesus in the Mifflinburg Nazarene Church, but in later years realized he did not give his life for the purpose God had planned for him.

On May 22, 1976, Ted married his wife Sandra Jane Dutrow, daughter of Donald and Janet Dutrow of Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania. Before the Cresswell’s wedding, Sandy and Ted had been dating for several years. During that time, Sandy had accepted the Lord. Over the next 40 years, Sandy and Ted had served in numerous capacities in the church, but Ted always knew within his heart that there was something more that God wanted him to do, something that would change the world!

Since Ted came from generations of the construction and development trade, he followed in his father and grandfather’s footsteps. Ted acquired knowledge and became involved in numerous corporations and real estate partnerships. Later in life he was accused of several white-collar crimes. After voluntarily accepting plea bargains, he was sent to prison. Through this experience in prison, he was able to see the true meaning of peace….God’s peace.

It was January 23, 2015, when Ted was sentenced to county prison for 11.5 months after he voluntarily accepted a plea for a “white collar” crime. One day while Ted was in county prison, God revealed what Ted’s true purpose in life was meant to be. God instructed Ted to share both his successes and failures with the world, focusing primarily on the millions of incarcerated individuals flooding our prisons today. Ted finally realized that the workaholic he had become throughout his career had caused him to be incarcerated long before he ever stepped inside a prison cell. That evening, Ted recommitted his heart to the Lord, but also committed his life to God’s intended purpose. The next morning, Ted gathered fellow inmates within the county prison to start daily Bible studies. Over forty men recommitted their lives or accepted the Lord for the first time during that 11.5 month period!

During one of the Bible studies, Ted noticed that most of the inmates did not have a Bible and if they did, they more than likely were given a Bible from the prison with missing pages and content. Troubled by this great need in the prison, Ted prayed that God would show him a way to get new Bibles to these men who wanted to learn about this man named “Jesus.” The next morning, Ted contacted his wife, Sandy, and shared what God had instructed him. Sandy, being the supportive wife she was, agreed to start sending study Bibles into the prison. That day, a Bible ministry was born. Today, study Bibles are being sent to the inmates in five different prisons to provide them guidance on how to become the disciples God originally wanted them to become.

Later in 2016, Ted was sentenced to Pennsylvania State Prison on related business ventures where he served an additional 9 months. During that time, Ted got involved in the chapel on the prison campus. While he was serving his sentence, God continued to groom Ted for his next chapter of life. It was about 2:00 AM one morning when God awakened Ted in his cell and revealed His next mission for Ted. God explained that He wanted Ted to create a home and workplace for incarcerated individuals who are being released from prison. The facility Ted was instructed to build would provide a home plan and an immediate job (which are two main items needed to be paroled). It would be a place for healing. Spiritual and educational classes would be provided to help the parolees to prepare them for their re-entry back into society. Daily Bible studies / classes, Sunday services, and special events would be provided to build a Christian lifestyle for each parolee.

On March 28, 2017, Ted was released from prison. Less than a month later on April 9, 2017, Ted formed “Forever Forgiven Ministries Inc.” with the purpose of continuing the mission God had placed on his heart while in prison. The Bible ministry has continued to grow tremendously since Ted’s release! A support and motivational ministry named “Letters Of Compassion” has evolved since Forever Forgiven Ministries was formed. Every Tuesday, Ted still visits the county prison where he served his first sentence to host Bible studies with the inmates. As of October 2017, Ted and his board directors are aggressively looking at sites to build the Forever Forgiven Life Center! Along with Ted’s first book that he is working on, titled, “Once Incarcerated, But Now I’m Free”, Ted has been scheduling speaking engagements to share his story and how God has shown him true peace.

Ted and Sandy are excited to see how God is going to use them through Forever Forgiven Ministries Inc and to see the millions of lives that will be changed by making the most important commitment in life, the commitment to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior!

1 John 1:9 states: “If we confess our sins, God is faithful and just to forgive us our sins…”


Sandy Cresswell
Secretary / Treasurer

Sandra J. Cresswell was born on January 18, 1957, in Lewisburg, PA. She is the daughter of Donald R. and Janet B. Dutrow of Mifflinburg, PA. She attended Mifflinburg Area schools, Shippensburg University, and graduated from Bloomsburg University with a BA degree in Elementary Education.

In 1976, she married Ted A. Cresswell of Lewisburg. Together, they had 4 children. Over the next several years, she taught 6th – 8th grades full-time, was a substitute teacher, and a full-time homemaker. In 1982, in accordance with state regulations, she founded, developed, and organized the Little Learners’ Preschool in the Mifflinburg area. During those years, she also acted as the office manager, marketing consultant, and events coordinator for a variety of other business companies.

As a child, she became a member of the Mifflinburg Methodist Church, and later joined the Mifflinburg Nazarene Church where she accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as her personal Savior. While attending the Nazarene church, she served in a variety of capacities including teacher, Caravan leader, and women’s group leader. Later in life, she joined the Christ Wesleyan Church of Milton. She has been a member of Christ Wesleyan for over 15 years.

More recently, she was a full-time 3rd grade teacher at Meadowbrook Christian School, but God has called her into a new season of life. Being exposed to less fortunate individuals in these later years of her life, she feels lead to help those folks find their God given purpose.

With in the last years, Sandy has become involved in a Bible ministry, supplying study Bibles to incarcerated individuals. Through the Bible ministry, a letter-writing ministry has evolved named, “Letters of Compassion”. Presently, through the “Letters of Compassion” ministry, Sandy and Ted are encouraging and giving hope to inmates within five PA state prisons.

Recently, she has become involved in the Forever Forgiven Ministries Inc. She hopes to share the Word with many individuals, giving them the hope, peace, and love of Jesus Christ. She feels she has been placed in this position to save the lives of many people (Genesis 50:20).


Bob Bilger
Board Director

Robert Bilger was a member of the Forest Hill United Methodist Church for approximately sixty years. About nine years ago, he joined the Mazzeppa Union Church and has been serving as a Sunday School Teacher and Bible Study Teacher. Along with serving his local churches, Bob has been a Bible Study Teacher in the Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary for over three years and within the last seven to eight years, has been conducting Bible Studies through the Yoke Fellows organization at the Union County Prison in Lewisburg, PA. Bob has decided to become a board member for the Forever Forgiven Ministries to help parolee’s and folks on probation become spiritually grounded and prepared for the re-entry into society.


Doug Cresswell
Board Director

Doug is married to his beautiful wife, Robin Hanson for 41 years. They have three children, Jillian Blickley, Allison Ball and Douglas. They have three grand-children, Broden, Hanson and Rowena
Born January 11, 1956 in Hopewell Virginia.

Doug is currently a second career Senior Pastor at Faith Worship Center in Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania. He has been serving as Senior Pastor since 2006. Faith Church created in 1999, is the largest and fastest growing church in Schuykill County. The church family has created over 40 different ministries to outreach and service our local community. Doug leads a ministry team of three other pastors with average church attendance from 300 to 400 people. He is also part of the Worship Team at the church playing the bass guitar and singing backup vocals.

Before becoming a Pastor, Doug worked in several different industries where he owned his own companies.
After graduating high school at Blue Mountain in 1974, he received a full scholarship to play football at division one, University of Virginia. He returned home to work in his family’s construction business, Cresswell Builders, when his Dad became ill. His father then passed away in 1981 and Doug transferred to work for commercial builder Cresswell Brothers.

He worked at Cresswell Brothers for about three years before shifting gears and received Pennsylvania State licensing in Real Estate and Insurance. He worked and excelled at Baltimore Life for five years receiving Honor Club awards each year as a salesman and a Sales Manager.

He left Baltimore Life after five years and moved to California where he and his two brothers in laws created a soil amendment company named Gro-Rite. Gro-Rite quickly grew to the largest soil company in the region and Doug bought out each of his partners. While running Gro-Rite, Doug also created, managed and eventually sold two other companies, Guard-Rite, a security company and Cart-Rite, a wheel barrow and cart company. After ten years, Doug sold Gro-Rite and he returned to Pennsylvania. Doug purchased a sporting goods and hunting store in Schuylkill Have named Charlie’s. He renamed the business Sport-Rite USA. He sold that business a year later and began his own construction company named Cresswell Corporation. Cresswell Corporation built spect homes and minor development projects before Doug became Senior Pastor at Faith Church.

He and his brother, Darle created and built the first carwash in Orwigsburg Pa. named Wash-Rite. Doug was also a part of other construction projects like a mini market in Blandon Pa. and apartment buildings
Doug’s passion was found later in life as he leads Faith Worship Center.

“I have clearly changed my goals of developing, building and selling companies and have decided to invest my time and my energy into something that will last forever. And that is building God’s kingdom and bringing glory to Him. It is with a grateful heart that I humbly serve my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

Robin Cresswell Headshot

Robin Cresswell
Board Director

Soon after graduating from Blue Mountain High School, Robin began her life-long journey with Doug. Being happily married for over 40 years, Robin and Doug have 2 daughters, one son, and are blessed with 3 amazing grandchildren.

Robin always had a passion for helping people, so she went back to school and received her Nursing degree from Pottsville Hospital School of Nursing in 2002. She stayed with Pottsville Hospital for 2 years after graduation, and worked in maternity.

In 2004, Robin accepted a position at the Nurse Family Partnership and has been with them ever since. At Nurse Family Partnership, Robin teaches first-time pregnant moms how to properly care for their newborn, what to expect before, during, and after the pregnancy. Robin offers these nervous, soon-to-be moms answers to their questions and positive encouragement.

But Nurse Family Partnership is just the tip of the iceberg in Robin’s professional career. Robin has been involved in many diverse businesses, partnerships, and organizations over the years. Here are a few :

  • Part-owner of Gro-Rite Co, 1986-1995 ; Soil amendment company
  • Part-owner of Cresswell Group, 1993-2000 ; Car wash
  • Part-owner of Sport-Rite USA, 1995-1998 ; Sporting goods company
  • Part-owner of Cresswell Corp, 1997-2007 ; Construction company
  • Part-owner of Sycamore Trails Stable, 2008-Present ; Horse boarding facility in Southern California
  • Co-founder and Ministry Leader of Faith Church, 1999- Present ; located in Orwigsburg, PA

When Robin isn’t busy at work or the church, she enjoys spending time with her family and visiting their cabin in the mountains.

In 2018, Robin became a board member for Forever Forgiven Ministries. When asked about her goals and vision for FFM, she explains, “We hope and pray that we can see this ministry come to fruition and be the conduit to assist individuals back into society, where they can enjoy a productive life that’s blessed by their relationship with God.”


Doug Diven
Board Director

Doug Diven is the President/Founder of the HandUP Foundation in Milton, Pa. This faith-based social entrepreneurial organization provides assistance to the needy, flood and fire victims, and those who encounter difficult situations. Assistance happens through food, home repairs, vehicles, paying bills, a Home for Women in Crisis, and uses a thrift store and recycling center to provide much of the $650,000 a year budget.

Doug was raised in “Philly” (Philadelphia) and has been a resident of Milton since 1990. He trained at Philadelphia Biblical University with a major in Pastoral Counseling and is also trained in the Bethesda Counseling Program. He has been a Youth Pastor for 15 years at a local church and grew the program from 0 to 150 students. He has been on the Philadelphia Police Commissioners Task on Gang Violence; he has served on the Wesleyan National Youth Board as one of 4 Regional Directors; he has served on a Denominational District Board; he has served on the Board of the Milton Lion’s Club; he currently serves on the Board of CSO, Inc (which runs Career Link and other more known agencies); and Susquehanna Valley CASA.

He has gone on 8 humanitarian trips to Guatemala, Africa, and Brazil. During those trips of planting gardens, building huts, creating a program called “Happy Feet” to provide shoes and ministering to the sick. Doug found time to swim in the Amazon, hold venomous snakes, hike the jungle, climb a volcano, and cliff dive. Doug has competed and completed a Tough Mudder event and he enjoys hunting and 4-wheeler riding with his 3 kids. In his spare time, he also flips houses. Doug also created a successful inflatable games business. But what he is most proud of is being asked to be Grand Marshall at the 2012 Milton Harvest Fest Parade. The theme was Hope for Milton and for people to think of HandUP as hope for Milton makes Doug the most proud.

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