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"And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations..."

Matthew 24:14

“Your letter not only gave me a smile but also a glimmer of hope…”

- Bill

“I enjoy hearing from you, it brightens up my day.”

- Rodney

“I have really been starting to feel alone. Then God intervened and I got your letter!”

- Albie

“…others said they would write….You were the only one who kept his word…”

- Steve

“So you know my Bible you got me is the best gift anyone has ever got for me! Without it, I would be lost!”

- Albert

“I still go to church and read the Bible everyday. Thank you again!”

- Chris

“I’m so excited to see Forever Forgiven Ministries and am counting on it. God’s timing is impeccable. Thank you for having the courage and conviction to share God with everyone.”

- Stephen

“My addiction was my prison…I just wanted to thank you for being a man of God. I can’t tell you what Forever Forgiven Ministries means to me. I’ve had no hope for such a long time! I’m counting on God through Forever Forgiven Ministries to answer my prayers and give me a life that I know 100% that I am capable of.”

- Flip

“I want you to know that Forever Forgiven has been a blessing…I’d love to see your ministry flourish… you have the ability to help a lot of people and to help others help people. It takes one stone to create a ripple…I’m blessed to have met such a wonderful man…Forever Forgiven gives me so much hope and love for the Lord.”

- Kenny

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